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Automatic self-adhesive labeling equipment



A labeling machine is a device for applying self—adhesive labels to cylindrical, oval and rectangular consumer containers.

The label is the image and face of your company. Its design is important for customers canvassing but it’s equally important to stick it smoothly.
Drop into a supermarket and have a look at your competitors’ products. Compare labels symmetry and arrangement frequency. Do you see any difference?

The requirements related to the labeling of consumer goods are steadily increasing both in Ukraine and in the European Union.

Today, it is most important for manufacturers that all the necessary information about their products is indicated on the packaging itself. The label must have an attractive design and sufficient protection from environmental influences.

Labels fall into classes in terms of type of application, fixation and arrangement

By type of application and fixation:
  • gummed label (made of paper or film; glue is applied directly before sticking)
  • self-adhesive (made of paper or film with an adhesive base on a backing tape).

By type of arrangement:
  • frontal (applied to the front side of the container);
  • counter label (applied on the back side)
  • collar (is applied at the neck of the bottle)

TOV“MNVK “Stanco Group” manufactures labeling equipment exceptionally for self-adhesive label. It doesn’t soak and is wear-resistant, the labeling machine is not filled with glue, t is not necessary to clean the roller from glue during operation and wash the device after each shift

Labeling machines are divided according to the degree of automation:
  • manual labeling machine (for round bottle and any cylindrical object);
  • semi-automatic labeling machine (for cylindrical bottle);
  • automatic labeling machine (for cylindrical, rectangular and oval containers).

Manual and semi—automatic labeling machines for applying self-adhesive labels are desktop labeling mechanisms. Semi-automatic labeling machine is more often used for round bottles and cylindrical objects, such as tubes.

The automatic labeling machine is integrated into the filling lines with automatic feeding or is used as a stand-alone device on which the operator installs the containers manually. The setting is performed using the operator's touch panel.

The automatic labeling machine for self-adhesive labels is made of stainless steel and aluminum. The bottle is fed into the unit by a conveyor 2 meters long along the corresponding parts. The applicator automatically removes the label from the backing paper and feeds it to the bottle, and the pressure roller of the applying mechanism smoothes the label cloth. The control of the supplied label and the correctness of the applying is carried out by a tracking system and an optical sensor.

Several applicators can be installed on labeling equipment, their design and configuration depend on the type of container and the number of necessary counter labels and collars.

Stream splitters and guides are used to apply self-adhesive labels with a set up repeatability. The stream splitter (cut-off) sets the gap in the supply of consumer containers along the conveyor. The container is captured and held by a top conveyor to fix unstable containers at the time of applying the label.

The labeling machine is designed on the principle of modularity and is a constructor. On the same frame with the conveyor we have the necessary combination of units for each specific case.

Additionally, a dater (marker) is installed on the applicator to apply the date of manufacture.

Types of Daters:
  • thermal transfer;
  • jet;
  • laser.

The dater is selected according to the required applied information, shape, position of the label (top, side), changeover speed and abrasion resistance.

Advantages of Automatic Labeling Machine:
  • capacity up to 6000 labels per hour;
  • working with the label on reels with a diameter of up to 300 mm;
  • conveyor with adjustable width;
  • bearing units made of stainless steel;
  • structural components made of aluminum with anodizing;
  • control and changeover using the operator's touch panel;
  • accessories Schneider Electric, Festo, Bosch Rexroth, Elesa+Ganter, System Plast, Habasit.

The labeling machine can work continuously for a long time without operator intervention, which helps to speed up the production process by reducing production costs.

High-quality labeling equipment meets strict quality standards with the following advantages:

High performance. Self-adhesive labels are quickly applied to cylindrical and rectangular containers, which move along the conveyor at a speed of up to 100 pcs/min.

Long service life. Labeling equipment reliably performs its function for a long time.

Accuracy. The label is applied evenly and accurately within the specified place on the container. This is one of the main aspects that determine the demand for your product.

Reliability. The labeling machine is made of modern construction materials and components.

Automation. Automated processes and preset settings ensure that the applying process will be constant.

Ease of use — the Stanco Team specialist provides training on how to work with labeling equipment.The package includes a technical passport and an instruction manual with all the maintenance rules and ways to eliminate typical errors.

Stanco Group labeling equipment can be used as a stand-alone equipment or as part of an automatic filling line. Check the modification and models of machines with our managers, we will select options depending on the request.

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