TOV “MNVK “Stanco Group” is the holder of the exclusive property rights to the official web-portal (hereinafter — the web-portal) This policy defines the company privacy information about what information we get and collect when you visit our web-portal, as well as the procedure for its use according to the norms of current legislation of Ukraine.

By using our web-portal, you consent to our privacy policy, so please review it thoroughly.

Please also note that this Privacy Policy applies only to this web-portal and to information collected through it. It does not apply to other web-portals and can not be applied to the web-portals of third parties, from which references to this web-portal can be made.

The Company reserves the right to unilaterally and at any time change the privacy policy conditions. In addition, these changes will come into effect after their publication at the web-portal. In case of disagreement with privacy policy changes, you are obliged to refuse access to the web-portal and immediately terminate use of the information contained at the web-portal.

When using this web-portal you are not granted the intellectual property rights upon the web-portal itself and the information contained at it.

The word “information” should be understood as any information contained at the web-portal, including photo, video materials, graphics, text, logo, design, etc.

Using intellectual property rights upon the information (including copying of any information, photos, video materials, graphic material redrawing, etc.), which is contained at the website, as well as the web-portal itself, is possible only with the written permission of the owner of the web-portal.

This privacy policy prohibits you from using any elements of the company’s logo.

If any information at the web-portal is created or uploaded by third parties, the Company is not responsible for it. Therefore, all claims must be asserted to third parties, since they are responsible for the published information.

The web-portal contains links to other web-portals such as Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte, Google+, Twitter, YouTube. However, our company does not take responsibility for gathering information by these web-portals. References are made for your convenience only.

To improve ease of use and web-portal effectiveness we collect non-personalized information about your actions using the services of analytics and statistics, such as Google Analytics and Yandex Metrics.

Besides, by using this web-portal, you agree to provide true and accurate information about yourself and your contact information, and consent to the processing of your personal data, including using the services of a call back from Binotel company and online customers support module Slaask. When using the web-portal We provide collection and processing of your personal data relating to the identification, distribution of informational materials to your consent, responses to your inquiries and letters, obtaining your applications for the purchase of goods, and other information.

The Company is not engaged in alienation, exchange or transfer of your personal data to third parties, except in cases stipulated by the laws of Ukraine.

You have all the rights to protection of your personal data, provided by the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Personal Data”, i.e.:

1) be aware of the location of the database containing personal data, its purpose and name and location of its owner or manager;
2) receive information about the conditions of access to personal data, in particular, information about third parties, to which personal data contained in a database are transmitted;
3) have access to your personal data contained in the relevant database;
4) receive not later than in 30 calendar days from the date of request, excluding cases provided by the law, the information on the storage of personal data in the relevant database, as well as the content of the stored personal data;
5) make a reasonable objection claim of your personal data processing by public authorities and local governments in the exercise of the mandate provided by the law;
6) make a reasonable claim of alteration or destruction of your personal data to any owner and manager of the database if the data are processed illegally or are not true;
7) to protection of your personal data from the illegal processing and unintentional loss, destruction, damage due to concealment, failed or delayed submission, as well as to protection from the provision of information that is not truthful or discredits honor, dignity and business reputation of the individual;
8) apply for protection of your personal data rights to state and local authorities, which mandate includes protection of personal data;
9) apply for legal assistance in case of violation of personal data protection legislation;
10) make amendments about restriction of rights to processing of your personal data in case of your consent;
11) to withdraw consent to your personal data processing;
12) be aware of the mechanism of personal data automatic processing;
13) to protection from automated solution, which has legal consequences for you.
We are constantly working to improve our web-portal. Therefore, we constantly introduce, remove or suspend some of the elements in a particular section of the web-portal.

In particular, it should be pointed out, that you should use this web-portal with dignity and should not try to actualize unauthorized tampering in its work. Follow our recommendations and go by instructions provided at the web-portal.